The rate stood at 0.43%, higher than January’s 0.32%

Brazil’s National Broad Consumer Price Index—IPCA in the original acronym—which gauges the country’s official inflation, was reported at 0.43 percent in February this year. The rate is higher than January’s 0.32 percent, as per figures released today (Mar. 12) by the government statistics agency IBGE.

The IPCA stands at 0.75% year-to-date and 3.89 percent month-on-month, which was slightly below the 4.25 percent target set by the government.

The inflation in February was chiefly pulled up by foods, which was reported at 0.78 percent, and by expenditures from education, which went up 3.56 percent in the period.

Inflation was also registered for housing (0.38 percent), household articles (0.2 percent), health and personal care (0.49 percent), personal expenditures (0.18 percent). Communication costs remained stable compared to their January values.

Deflation was reported for clothing (0.33 percent) and transport (0.34 percent).