A proposal for military agents will be sent to Congress in 30 days

The Brazilian government is pushing to increase the contribution period of military agents from 30 to 35 years, said Special Secretary for Social Security Rogério Marinho.

A specific bill with the pension rules for members of the Armed Forces will be submitted to lawmakers in 30 days. The proposal will also encompass the military police and firefighters, currently under state-specific regulations.

Marinho also reported that the government plans to increase the unified contribution rate of military agents from 7.5 to 10.5 percent. The new value, he said, will also be charged for the payment of pensions for dependents of military officers—a benefit currently funded by the federal government alone.

The government also plans to have temporary military agents—those who serve in the Armed Forces for up to eight years—to contribute to the National Social Security Institute. They account for 60 percent of all military officers today, Marinho said.

The special secretary said the government hopes to receive the support of the military because changes in their special regime have been discussed for years. “These are talks that have been going on since 2015,” he argued.