“It’s all the people expect from us,” Hamilton Mourão declared

AGENCIA BRASIL – Brazil’s vice-President Hamilton Mourão said that the anti-crime bill, drafted by Minister of Justice and Public Security Sergio Moro is what “the people expects” from the government. “The bill […] aims at the question of criminal execution, corruption, and slush funds. This is everything the population expects from our government, and it’s always been our proposal.”

The piece of legislation, presented to the press by Moro on Monday (Jan. 4), brings changes to 14 laws, among which the Criminal Code, the Criminal Execution Law, the Law of Heinous Crimes, and the Electoral Code. The goal is to fight corruption, violent crimes, and criminal organizations.

In his view, the new legislation is crucial to curbing violence in Brazil and the government needs to work to have it approved by Congress. “We have to seek to approve this bill, because it’s fundamental for us to lower urban violence in the country.”