Gun possession norms made more flexible in Brazil

A decree was signed by President Bolsonaro today

Agência Brasil – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree today (Jan. 15) at the Planalto presidential palace regulating the registration, possession, and trade of guns in Brazil—one of the main promises made during his campaign. The decree allows people aged 25 and older to purchase up to four guns to keep them at home.

“As decided by the people in a sovereign fashion, to vouchsafe their right to self defense, I will, as president, avail myself of this weapon,” Bolsonaro said showing the pen with which he signed the piece of legislation.

“I’m restoring what the people wanted in 2005,” he added, referring to a referendum on guns held 14 years ago.

The decree relates exclusively to the regulation of gun possession in the household and the workplace. Carrying guns outside or in the car is not covered by the document.