The president attended the ceremony at the Brazilian Air Force

Agência Brazil – After being asked whether he would support the deal between Embraer and Boeing—which founds a joint venture where Boeing controls 80 percent, and Embraer 20 percent of shares—Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said today (4)  he backs the alliance, but is concerned about the future of the company.

“This merger would be really good, but we cannot [allow] that everything is moved over to the other side in five years’ time. This is what we’re worried about, [Embraer] is our property.”

Bolsonaro talked to the press after attending the Brazilian Air Force ceremony of transfer of power to Lieutenant-Brigadier Antonio Carlos Moretti Bermudez, at the Brasília Air Base.

In his speech, the new leader said one of his goals is to ensure funding for the incorporation of new technology, improvement in the courses offered by the force, and agent training.

Bermudez takes office to replace Lieutenant-Brigadier Nivaldo Luiz Rossato, who led the Air Force for the last four years.